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We offer Integrative Neuromuscular Therapy and individually tailored exercises to help you free yourself of chronic pain and build your health and pleasure in everything you do.

Our specialties:

  • Acute pain (from a car accident, etc.) can often be resolved in from one to three sessions, without the use of drugs.
  • Specific symptoms (TMJ, foot pain, back pain, wrist pain, neck pain, headaches…)
    Because of how all the parts of your body are connected, pain in one part of your body often arises due to structural abnormalities in a different part. One patient’s TMJ resolved in just a couple of sessions when we brought the arch of his left foot into alignment!
  • Chronic or recurring pain:
    If you have had pain for a long time, whether continuously or intermittently, you do NOT “just have to learn to live with it.” Chronic or recurring pain means something is structurally wrong! Unless you have an irreversible condition like nerve damage, once the structure is brought into appropriate balance, the pain will stop.
  • Lifestyle problem-solving.
    Frequently the cause of chronic pain is how you are USING your body. Freedom from pain may be as simple as rearranging your furniture (so you’re not always twisting your neck to watch TV)! We’re master lifestyle detectives – that’s one of the reasons we’re so successful in helping people resolve long-standing pain so it never comes back.
  • Enhancing sports performance.
    Many people come to us because they hope to heal a sports injury more quickly. After we’ve helped them do that, we can often go on to help them train better and perform better in their sport than they ever had before.

If you want your body to work better, come and see us!

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Pain Control Clinic, Massage Therapist, Sports Medicine Clinic, Alternative Health, Holistic Health

Additional Details – Tracy Says:

  • I’ve earned people’s trust: Most of mt clients were sent by friends who had experienced my work
  • Results come first: Many problems are resolved in 1-3 sessions. I only let people keep coming if they feel they are getting better and better
  • I’m Licensed and Insured: License #MA44448
  • I can see you at two convenient locations: Tampa and Pinellas Park; There’s plenty of free parking
  • Care will be tailored to your body:
    You are unique, so I’ll give you what you uniquely need.
  • Accelerate your own recovery/progress: I’ll create a self-care program specifically designed for you
  • My 100% guarantee: I guarantee you’ll get the best care available.