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How Can You Be Free From Pain – WITHOUT DRUGS?

I can help you address the CAUSES of chronic lower back pain, neck pain, intractable migraines (“no hope of effective treatment”), carpal tunnel syndrome, and more. My goal for those who work with me is freedom: I will teach you exercises tailored just for you to accelerate your progress and reduce or eliminate your need for further therapy.                                                                                 – Tracy Alan Jones

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Your Body Is Not Meant To Keep Hurting!
Pain is a signal that something is wrong. Once the “something” is corrected, the pain goes away.If the pain comes back, the correction didn’t go deep enough.

Our Specialty Is the “Tough” Cases!
We’re problem-solvers. We are especially good at discovering what is going on when someone has been to many practitioners and either their pain continues, or their pain keeps recurring.

It Was His Truck!
For example one of our patients continued to have pain in his neck and lower back even though the work we were doing with him seemed to be correcting his structural imbalances. Because of the nature and location of the pain, we suspected it was related to driving. Upon discovering that he spent many hours most days driving a truck, we asked to see the truck. The seat was clearly causing the problem, but could not be changed. When, based on our recommendation, the man’s employer gave him a different truck, his chronic pain went away, never to return!

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We look forward to hearing from you.

“When I started treatments with you last year, I suffered from sciatic pain at a level that prohibited me from standing more than about five minutes or walking further than around sixty yards. My condition was post-surgical, after extensive work on my lower back that, according to my MRIs, resulted in the movement of the problem from one spot to another.

“Now I walk for an hour every weekday morning at a fast pace, with no pain. I bike on Saturdays and can stand for as long as I want. My hobby, pre-surgery was hiking. I’m happy to say that, after a two year suspension, I have a hike planned for November.

“Thanks for your massage work and advice on exercise, stretching, the inversion table and much more. You got me back on my feet again.”                                                                                                                                                 ~ Douglas Wm. Elliott, CFP

“Tracy Jones is a remarkable person and a wonderful practitioner.
“My wife Kari has been flying to Florida 2 or 3 times a year (first from Maine, then from Colorado) for over 6 years to get Tracy’s help with her scoliosis (curvature of the spine). She has worked with many other practitioners and found NONE able to do what Tracy can do.

“Initially she was told she would have to have an operation to fuse her spine, and likely would experience increasing pain as she got older. She is now 65, with no pain, no operation, and a body that is becoming more and more supple and graceful.

“When we recently decided to relocate, we chose the Tampa area; one of our main considerations was that Kari would get to work with Tracy more frequently.

“Tracy has consistently been caring, creative in his approach, and a joy to know and work with. He is totally honest and totally dedicated to helping people, and can accomplish things no other practitioner in our experience has been able to.

“If I were talking with my sister or my mother and she had a health challenge, here is what I would say: ‘You, of course, must decide for yourself whether Tracy is right for you, but if you really want help with this, PLEASE at least try a session with Tracy Jones. Call him NOW!'”

~ Kalen Hammann, Dunedin, FL